Lewisburg Cemetery Association

Plot Maps for Lewisburg Cemetery
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

This is a work in progress. Corrections or suggestions for improvements can be sent to webmaster@lewisburgcemetery.org

Maps to help find a specific grave site: you will need Section and Lot information.

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Aerial map courtesy of Bucknell University.

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Download pdf files of Maps of Individual Plots in Sections 3 and 4.
3A    3B    3C    3D

4A    4B    4C    4D

Use Whole Cemetery (to the left) for sections 1 and 2.

1A    1B    1C    1D

2A   2B   2C   2D

The following are details for those interested.

As an historic cemetery, some decisions (strange arrangement of lot numbers) were made in the 19th century and have been written into the deeds. The maps listed below are being designed to help visitors find specific lots, assuming you know the section, lot and/or plot. A guide to finding this information is under development.


Section: Areas of the cemetery laid out over time. Section 1 is the original cemetery, Section 2 was "secondarily laid out" south of Section 1, the northern part of Section 3 was laid out in 1905 and the southern part in 1922. Section 4 (now called 4A) was laid out in 1946 and Sections 4B, 4C and 4D more recently. The lettered divisions of sections 1, 2 and 3 are plot designations added upon creation of these maps in late 2013.

Plots: Collections of lots or grave sites. Only in Sections 4B, 4C and 4D do the plot designations appear on the deeds.

Lot: Originally and primarily a 16' x 16' area of land designed to accommodate eight 4' x 8' graves sites in Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4A. These lots are sequentially numbered from Section 1 lot 1 to Section 3 lot 2083. For sections 1, 2 and 3 the lot number alone is sufficient to identify a specific lot. The plot letters A-D used in these maps are arbitrary; they are provided to help designate the general area of lots necessitated by the nearly random numbering scheme used in the 19th century.

Grave Site: Typically an in-ground area designed to accommodate a single casket. Up to two urns can be interred on top of a casket. Alternately, a crypt designed to hold 1-? urns. There is currently no systematic system to number individual grave sites other than those indicated in the table below.

In Section 4 (now called 4A) the lot numbers start again from 1 and go to 172. Some lots were later set aside for cremations and lettered A to F (formerly collectively known as 4A).

Section 4B has Plots A to H, each of which has six numbered 16' x 18' lots (for example, 4B G1 to 4B G6), each of which has eight grave sites. Section 4B Lot I has only three plots, and Section 4B plots Y and Z have only two lots.

Section 4B also has Plots J to X, each of which has from 24 to 35 individual, numbered grave sites (for example, 4B Q1 to 4B Q24).

Section 4C has Plots A to Z and EE (next to E) and LL (next to L) and QQ (next to Q). These plots have from 6 to 36 individual, numbered grave sites.

Section 4D has Plots A to Z followed by Plots AA to GG. These plots have from 6 to 24 individual, numbered grave sites.

Summary of Section, Plot, Lot, Grave designations

Section Plot Lot Grave
1 A, B, C, D (informal)
2 A, B, C, D (informal)
3 A, B, C, D (informal)
4A (formerly 4) 1-172
4A (cremation area) A-F 1-30
4B A1-H6; I1-I3; Y1-Z2; 1-6
4B J-X 1-35

A-Z and EE, LL and QQ

4D A-Z and AA- GG 1-24